Cause and Effect

Once upon a time there was a small time businessman named Joe from a small village who used to sell butter in the nearby town. A big shop owner in the town was his regular customer.

Joe used to deliver every month the shop owner the required butter in 1 Kg. Blocks and in turn he used to get grocery items like sugar, pulses etc from the big shop owner.

Once the shop owner decided to weigh the butter and to his surprise every block of butter weighed 900 Grams instead of 1Kg.

Next month when Joe came to supply Butter, the shop owner was very angry at him and told to leave the shop, to this the Joe replied him courteously “Sir, I am a very poor villager, I don't have enough money to even buy the required weights for weighing the butter, I usually put the 1Kg sugar you give me on one side of Weighing scale and weigh butter on another side.”

Ours World is Truly Binary; Binary of Everything.
He who puts his hand in the fire must suffer the burning until he takes his hand out, and neither his attitude nor his prayers can save him.

A cause is something that makes something else happen.
It is why something happens. An effect is what happens.

You health, your wealth, your relationships is an effect of some cause.

Change Your Cause to Get the Effect You Want
This is a Baseline reality.

Say ABC actions have been giving you ABC results. If you want to get XYZ results, you need to adopt XYZ actions. Repeating ABC actions again and again isn’t going to give you XYZ results - It’s just going to give you the same ABC results again and again.

The Only Way To Get More Is To Give More
While it may sound strange, that is how it works. You give and then you get. But first you give. Then you get. Not the other way around. Lots of employees go to their bosses and say,” If you give me more money, then I will give you more work.” What their bosses should be saying is, “If you will give me more work, then I will give you more money.” This principle works in every area of life. You can’t get more time to spend with your family until you give up time you are spending doing something else. You can’t get healthier until you give up what is making you unhealthy. And you can’t get Success until you are willing to give up the Gravity.

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